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SC & ST Grievance Committee

The SC / ST Cell are functioning since 02-07-2016 onwards to ensure the fulfillment of Reservation for SC / ST s in all matters. The institute has constituted an SC / ST Cell, which deals with the following activities:

  1. SC/ST Booklet (prepared by TISS)
  2. Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment
  3. List of Resolutions for Backward Classes
  4. List of Resolutions for Scheduled Caste Welfare
  5. Hand Book for Scheduled Tribes
  6. Scholarships for Reserved students: Government of India
  7. Schemes: Government of India
  8. National Scheduled Castes Finance and Development Corporation

1. Dr. B Ramesh Babu PRINCIPAL Chairman 9550616861
2. D Ramana Naik Assistant Professor & AO Member / Secretary 8886630031
3. Dr. D Krishna Naik Assoc. Professor Member 9440238727
4. L Balasubramanyam Assistant Professor Member 9849410775
5. S Ravi Kumar Assistant Professor Member 8919341602
6. A Geethavani Assistant Professor Member 8328536946
7. Dasappagari Sreelekha STUDENT Member 9490361408
8. Myasa sasibindhu STUDENT Member 7893846705
9. Banoth Aswanth Naik STUDENT Member 9490625916
10. Modu Anil Naik STUDENT Member 9985860423

  1. Effective implementations of the Orders / Circulars / Guidelines issued by the Central /State / UGC in respect of Reservation
  2. To oversee and extend all possible education facilities like Hostels accommodation, Scholarships & stipend to SC, ST students
  3. To provide up to date information statistics in reservation matters to the Central/State/ UGC
  4. Conduct of Grievance of Committee for SC, ST’s.
  5. Organizing Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Birthday celebrations & Anniversary Programmes.
  6. Special Coaching for competitive exams Civil Services (Prelims), Personality Development, Communication Skills etc

For more Information: http://www.aicte-india.org/adsccell.php